HOLIDAY POUND SHED:  4 rounds, 30 sec per exercise

Plank from forearms (Mod: plank from knees; Progression: extended arm plank)
Step up onto box (Mod: step up onto lower surface; Progression: add jump to step
Switch lunge from box (Mod: basic lunge, supported/unsupported; Prog: add wt)
Straight legged triceps dips on box (Mod: bend knees; Progression: place ft on higher surface)
Push up on box (Mod: push up from knees; Progression: floor push up, decline push up)

Cardio Bit(also 30 sec): Mtn Climbers

You’re welcome to double your workout time by doing each exercise for 1 min.
Drink plenty of water, add lemon for extra weight loss. Keep portion sizes small and Have A Safe Holiday!!

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