test-joeI’ve suffered from chronic spine problems for over 4 years. I’ve seen well over 20 doctors, medical specialist, physical therapists, chiropractors, and alternative medicine specialists. I saw the most respected professionals in their fields and visited both the Mayfield and the Cleveland Clinics. I’ve taken more prescription medication than I care to list. I’ve had many small procedures and two larger surgeries, with a third one planned in the near future. None of these options had any lasting, positive effect on my condition, and in fact my overall condition only degenerated. I literally tried everything I could think of but my symptoms continued to overwhelm my life.

Then I saw Jessica for a training session. It was the first time I experienced extended relief and improvement in my symptoms in over 4 years. She listened to what my problems were. She created a thoughtful plan. She paid close attention to what I was doing and she gave me very insightful feedback. She follows up with me and is concerned about my success and health. She has extensive knowledge in physiology, physical therapy, diet, and overall health. She is an invaluable resource of information.

I continue to improve and I am starting to live a normal life again because of her help.


test-brittanyDear Jess,
I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in your bootcamp. Since starting your bootcamp in June, I have noticed significant results in the areas of strength, endurance, and my body is significantly more toned. I have never enjoyed working out but now I love it due to your enthusiasm as a trainer and your ongoing encouragement!

–Brittany, Cincinnati

test-amandaJessica is very knowledgeable and is willing to share that knowledge to empower you to make good decisions for the rest of your life. Many gyms and instructors can show you ‘what’ to do, but few help you discover your personal reasons ‘why’ you should continue. If you are looking for someone to help you make a permanent change, one small yet powerful step at a time, begin your journey by signing up!

–Amanda from Cincinnati

Just a note to express my appreciation for the great work you have accomplished as my Personal Trainer. When we started working together, I felt about ten years older than my 73 years and very weak. Now I feel over ten years younger. I actually feel like I now have muscles that I thought had disappeared with age. I can open jars. My stomach feels hard. I don’t fall down like I used to. Presently, I am working on going up and down stairs without using the banister. I also lost about 25 pounds without dieting at all. Thank you very much.
–Pat, Cincinnati

You are a phenomenal trainer. My TMJ has improved and I no longer need to sleep with a retainer nightly. I can now carry my grandson around (and he’s 40 lbs.) without hurting my back.
I am also wearing sleeveless shirts again due to all the great arm work we’ve done. You are goal oriented for your clients and I love that.

–Bert, Cincinnati

testimonial-johannaYou have taught me so much about building strength and endurance.

For me, this fitness journey isn’t tied to how I look but how I feel and what I can do. I want to be able to run a mile. I’ve never ran a mile and at this point I’m not sure if the barrier is physical or mental. I want to be able to keep up with my hippie boy on the trail and not feel like I’m always the last one. Finally, I want to be able to hike 220 miles on the JMT and not worry about my physical endurance or stamina. If I’m going to live the life I want, I need to be fit enough to survive hiking up a mountain.

I’ve already made a commitment to accomplishing these goals, but I know that I will be able to sooner the more I work with you.

–JoHanna, Cincinnati