Jessica Ghantous


Jessica Ghantous

Owner, Create Your Own Finish Line

Certified Personal Trainer, First Aid/CPR certified


Jessica began dabbling in the art of fitness as a young cross country and track runner.  Because of the impact running can have on the body as whole, Jessica wanted to learn how to balance the body and train using a more holistic approach.  Jessica became a trainer in 2012 and during this time taught advanced personal training at Beckfield College which sparked her interest in the physiology and psychology involved in exercise and goal setting.  With both of these ideas in mind, she has carved a career path in the art of designing training programs to assist clients in reaching the goals they set for themselves, both short and long term.  Jessica is also involved in active therapy training at Mount Lookout Chiropractic and Sport’s Injury Center.  Jessica, graduated, with honors from Ohio University with a Bachelors in Psychology.


Stability and form are two very key parts of exercise, never compromise form for aesthetics.  Build and improve one’s core while enjoying a variety of intensities in your workouts.  Build intrinsic motivation so you are working for something that means a lot to YOU.  Workout for at least 150 minutes each week.  Eat a healthy diet that energizes your body and makes you feel good.


To help people create and reach their fitness goals in a way that ensures stability and safety.  To help people feel the best they’ve ever felt as they become empowered through the movement of their bodies.

*I’ll be there every step of the way for an extra push and for guidance.  It only takes a shift in one’s perspective and experience to make your goals your reality”

16864991_1771105492915337_317560883417035733_nABOUT JENNY

Jenny Kaes

Employee, Create Your Own Finish Line, LLC

Certified Personal Trainer, CPR/AED Certified


Health and fitness have been important to Jenny her entire life.  Being a mother of five children inspired her to stay active and take nutrition seriously for herself and also as an example to her children.  As she approached middle age and the physical challenges that can come along with it, she dove into her journey even deeper, focusing on becoming a health coach and attaining her certification in personal training.  She looks forward to meeting you and helping you reach your goals.


Staying active and fueling your body are important regardless of your stage in life.  These actions can give you a strong body and a healthy heart as well as aid in injury prevention.  They can also lower your risk of disease.


To help others achieve their health and fitness goals and to help them transform into the best they can be.