Jessica Ghantous

If breathing is not normalized, no other movement can be. – Dr. Karel Lewit

Jessica Ghantous, CPT – Owner of Create Your Own Finish Line, LLC-

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization Certified Trainer

Certified Personal Trainer, First Aid/CPR certified


Jessica began dabbling in the art of fitness at a young age because of her participation in cross country and track.  She noticed the impact running could have on the body as whole, which inspired her to learn how to balance the body by training using a more holistic approach.  

Jessica became a trainer in 2012 and during this time taught advanced personal training at Beckfield College.  This sparked her interest in the physiology and psychology involved in exercise and goal setting.  With these ideas in mind, she has carved a career path in the art of designing training programs to assist clients in reaching the goals they set for themselves, both short and long term. 

Continued work experience:

Mount Lookout Chiropractic and Sport’s Injury Center (2012-2017):

Jessica participated, as an exercise trainer, in active therapy training at Mount Lookout Chiropractic and Sport’s Injury Center.  There, she trained Athletic Trainers, as well as Chiropractors, in the Cincinnati area, in Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization and its affect on the body’s movement system highlighting ways for human to reach optimal movement patterns.

Create Your Own Finish Line, LLC (Sports performance training facility) (2013- PRESENT):

Jessica began her own fitness company, Create Your Own Finish Line, LLC.  Here she trains athletes in sports performance.  

“The kinetic chain is like a strand of Christmas lights.”  “When one spot goes out the rest can follow.”  “If you identify the faulty tissue and re-integrate it back into the ENTIRE system the kinetic chain can function as a whole again.”  -JG.


Jessica, graduated, with honors from Ohio University with a Bachelors in Psychology(2007). 

ACE certified exercise trainer (2012). 

Studied under the Prague School of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (2012-PRESENT).

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization Exercise Trainer (2015). 


Stability and form are two key parts of exercise.  To compromise form for aesthetics allows a brewing ground for injury. 

CYOFL  offers ways to builds and improves one’s core while integrating it into a variety of exercise activity.  This leads to empowerment of self.  In turn, the body can be taught to re-gain pliability where stagnation once was and teach intrinsic motivation to keep you personally working for something that means a lot to YOU.  

“Take time for what takes time” – Four Fold Path

Sports performance, although it’ll certainly take you out of your stabilization system at its highest output, can be built from intrinsic stabilization of one’s core and spine to increase output and efficiency. 

Allow for healthy nutrition options, excel holistically, and become the new revitalized you.


To help people create and reach their fitness goals in a way that ensures stability and safety.  To help people feel the best they’ve ever felt as they become empowered through the movement of their bodies.

*I’ll be there every step of the way for an extra push and for guidance.  A shift in one’s perspective can make perceived unreachable goals into a healthy reality*