core_stability_musclesIMG_4584IMG_4783  Spine Stability with Pelvic Movement- This exercise is especially good for those of you who sit all day long causing tightness in your front hip flexors and psoas.   Start in a quadruped position(all four with hands under shoulders and knees under hips).  Walk your hands forward 1.5-2 feet.  Make sure all parts of your hand are in full contact with the ground.  Put as much space between your fingers as you can. Exercise:  Move your entire body over your hands, keeping knees on the ground and drop hips towards the ground.  Keep your spine neutral.  Return to your start position and repeat this exercise 10-20 times.  You may feel a stretch in your front hips and quadriceps(thighs).

IMG_4784  Oblique Sit to Bear Plank:  Start out on your left hip with your hand placed on the ground(about half a foot away from your hip).  Make sure your hand is in full contact with the ground.  Place your right foot in front of the shin on your left leg.  Rock into your left knee leaving your left hand on the ground.  Pivot over the entire left knee until you are facing the ground, then drop your right foot onto the ground and firmly place both hands on the ground, shoulder with apart.  Make sure hands are in full contact with the ground.  Return to your start position.  Repeat 10 times on each side.

IMG_4785  Tripod to High Kneeling Activity:  Plant left foot on ground and right knee on ground.  Place both hands on the ground inside left knee.  Rock forward onto the left foot until you are kneeling and return to start position.  Left foot must stay in full contact with ground for the duration of the move.

Challenge:  See if you can stand up on the left foot after rocking from Tripod to your High Kneeling stance.

IMG_4786:  Initiating Squat from Bear then progression to Full Squat.  Full foot contact.  Drop from bear pose to low squat.  Repeat ten times.  From low squat, keeping feet in full contact with the ground, spine neutral, and knees slightly over the 2/3rd toe on each foot try to stand up and hold yourself in a regular squat.  IMG_4585

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