Breathing Exercise+ Abdominal Bracing

Step One:

Breathing/Filling belly-

Lie on your back

Place your feet on the wall in a 90,90 position

Place feet and knees at hip distance

Relax pelvis, no tilt

Retract chin slightly as you pull your ribs down towards your pelvis

Relax your belly and on your inhale let your belly rise, on exhale let belly sink(this is calling filling and relaxing)

Try this breathing activity for ten breaths

Step Two:


Feeling for your Transverse Abdominis:

In the same 90,90 position place your fingertips on your front hips bones.  Then walk your fingertips in one inch on each side.  Here is how you can feel your transverse abdominis activate.

Take your next inhalation.

At the top of your inhalation press the muscle, underneath your fingertips, out against your fingertips

Hold that contracted muscle(TVA) and exhale your breath

While continuing to hold your contracted muscle, underneath your finger tips, breathe back in.

Repeat in and out breath while holding your brace(contracted muscle under fingertips).


90,90 supine position:

image (9)

Advanced:  Remove feet from wall, hold legs in 90,90 position and continue to hold brace while breathing in and out around your contracted muscle.


image (10)

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