Try this!  2 sets of 10 reps daily!

Lie on your back, bend your knees and hold your legs up in 90-90 degree form.  Then fill your belly with air on your inhalation.  Push your air low into your belly, then exhale while holding your lower abdominals tight.  Continue this breathing/bracing+90 degree leg hold while adding the following movements:

1)  Put arms up towards ceiling then slowly move them towards the floor behind you and then back to their start position(up towards ceiling)

2)  Drop on leg at a time.  Only drop leg as far as you can while maintaing your lower abdominal pressure.

3)   Put arms towards to ceiling, then drop opposite arm/leg away from each other while holding your brace/lower abdominal pressure tight

4)  Place a stability ball in your hands and drop the stability ball towards ground behind you and then bring it back to its starting position.  Do ten pulses at the end of each set.

You should not feel any of these exercises in your lower back.  If you do, you are doing the form incorrectly.  Recheck your belly breath and brace.  Thank you:)

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